Holy Idea Tees Crowdfunding Video Update #4: MOCK UPS!

I have some mock ups! Please let me know what you think so far in the comments. In the next couple days, I should have some actual “hard copies” to show you.

I wanted to let all of you know how thankful I am for the shares, thoughts, well-wishes and contributions you have all made. With the contributions, I can get the first round of tees printed, pay the web designer as well as the extremely talented artist who drew these images.

The crowdfunding is continuing through the end of this month so feel free to check out https://www.gofundme.com/holy-idea-tees-launchfor a more detailed account on what I’m trying to do. Lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to those of you who have made recent contributions.

Crowdfunding Video Update #3: BIG THANK YOU!!!

Happy Friday everyone! In this crowdfunding update, I wanted to take the time to thank those of you who have contributed! Additionally, I want to figure out a way for you to receive a return on your investment in this project regardless of donation amount! Sending hugs through the mail seems like the best option, but it’s hard to put a hug in an envelope. So, in the meantime, please accept this video as my method of saying thank you. If this really takes off, let this post serve as a contract that stock options for you are already in place. Thanks for believing in this idea and in me 🙂
Please feel free to share the video and if it’s something you feel like you can get behind, visit https://www.gofundme.com/holy-idea-tees-launch


So, here I stand: an entrepreneur.

When I sit down, I’m still an entrepreneur.

I think the rules state that I’m still an entrepreneur even when I get up to go get some of my strawberry yogurt pretzels out of the pantry.

When people say, “So, what is it that you do?” I get to say (while fiddling with my monocle), “Oh, well you see… I’m an Entrepreneur”.

At 5:01 PM on Friday, August 1st my job title of “HR Recruiting Coordinator” fully dissolved into the ether and a new official job title of “Entrepreneur” was laser-etched onto my soul.

My first official order of business was to worry incessantly about my business. This actually started taking place well before my job title change but let’s not split hairs here. I worry all the time.

So, after my usual every day worrying, the first thing that pops into my head is, “When I think ‘Entrepreneur’, I think Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Is ‘Entrepreneur’ a title for smarter, richer, more experienced, less attractive looking individuals than me?”

In a haste, I decided to look up the definition of Entrepreneur and it say’s this, “A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

Well, that makes it official… I am an entrepreneur.

This is me being serious about things. Also... being constipated.

This is me being serious about things. Also… being constipated.

While the future can be wrought with fear, anxiety and anticipation I have decided to look toward the future wrought with excitement, resolve and determination. I’m tired of being constrained by negative emotion. It’s time for the other emotions to enjoy themselves.

It’s time to be an entrepreneur.