My Guarantees

I guarantee I will never purposefully misinform on the quality or age of a vintage t-shirt.

I try to be as straightforward as I can in my descriptions and this is why I offer a “FULL DISCLOSURE” at the beginning of the details page. My disclosure is meant to outline any issues with the shirt and give my personal opinion on how it looks, etc. If there are any stains, holes or irregularities, I will outline it in photos. I assure you that I inspect these t-shirts carefully and will not advertise them in a misleading way. If you feel as though you were mislead, it was undoubtedly an honest mistake and that is why I’ve established the inspection/grading system. If for some reason you do feel like you were misled, contact me through this blog, my eBay storeFacebook page or messenger pigeon and I will do my best to amend the situation.

I guarantee to bring you my own unique and eclectic vision of what the perfect vintage t-shirt shop would look like.

I like all vintage tees and I like the stories that can surround them but if I were to choose my favorite category it would be obscure, graphic t-shirts from the 1980s. Others collectors may be into something more specific like ringer tees, hair metal band concert t-shirts, Screen Stars tees or bootleg t-shirts that strictly deal with Bart Simpson. I have come to find out there is no right way to be a vintage t-shirt aficionado and this is why I try and have the most diverse collection of vintage t-shirts for sale that I can.

I guarantee I am an honest man who has more to gain in making you happy than making my wallet fatter.

Mama didn’t raise no asshole. While being a vintage t-shirt salesperson is my means of income, it is more important to me that you are happy with what you’ve purchased from me than to revel in the fact I’ve made some money from it.

I guarantee that I will work hard to make sure that Holy Idea Tees is a good representation of what hard work and dedication can do if you follow your dreams and listen to your heart.

I didn’t grow up believing I could do something like this. While I’ve always worked hard my whole life I always felt like a follower, not a doer. This vintage t-shirt business is my baby and I intend to treat it like one and hopefully, if I throw all my love and hard work into it, it’ll grow and love me back. I think you can also call that the “American Dream”

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