Within the contents of the description section in my eBay listings, every one of my items (vintage or not) receives a rating. The descriptions of these ratings are listed below.


No stains, no holes, no rips, no irregularities... everything looks and feels perfect

No stains, no holes, no rips, no irregularities… everything looks perfect


This vintage 70s paper tag is crisp and clean and looks like it was just put together yesterday!


Sometimes you can even see a clearly noticeable fold line from the t-shirt being folded in a drawer for 30 years

First of all, to be considered a “vintage T-shirt” the tee has to be from the year 2000 or older. I find this to be fairly “industry standard”. My “Vintage New” rating can also be called “New Old Stock (NOS)” or “Deadstock“. This rating can come to fruition with a T-shirt in a multitude of ways including but not limited to:

  1. T-shirt was purchased and was subsequently placed in a drawer for years and was never worn for the entirety of its life until someone noticed it and threw it in the Goodwill pile along with those ugly mom jeans and Hammer pants.
  2. Screen printer produced mass quantities of T-shirts to sell from the trunk of his car (also known as bootlegging) during a huge concert and didn’t sell out and was subsequently left with extras which sat in a box in his garage for years until one day he finally sells them in a garage sale.
  3. Sports team wins championship and an individual buys the T-shirt to celebrate. This shirt is then placed in a trophy case where it sits for years as more of a memento than a T-shirt. One day, this same sports team loses its chance at another championship to which the fan begrudingly hurls the shirt he once loved into a pile designated for the thrift store.
  4. *insert a multitude of other things you can image happening here*

Quite frankly, these t-shirts are as new as the day they were printed but have never been used for the purpose they were given: to cover your torso. These are always exciting to find because they are untouched by the sands of time and make you feel as though you live in the era they were created.



This 1984 Bruce Springsteen t-shirt had a previous owner and has minor wear but c’mon it looks AWESOME and imagine the stories behind it!

This grade is designated for a vintage (pre-2000 era, remember?) t-shirt with known wear ranging from very minor to extreme including but not limited to the following issues:

"Perfectly Wasted", "Worn to Perfection"

Vintage gray tag 80s 90s “Perfectly Wasted”, “Worn to Perfection” Nike t-shirt (click image for eBay listing)


Vintage 90s Ice Cube t-shirt with light general fading due to washing. Outside of that, this t-shirt has no other issues.

Slight yellowing in the underarm area

Slight yellowing in the underarm area

Slight lint buildup on graphic

Slight lint buildup and minor cracking on graphic

Color bleeding due to washing

Color bleeding due to washing

Cracked graphics

Cracked graphics

Hard-to-see stains

Hard-to-see stains

Wrinkled tag due to washing and general wear

Wrinkled tag due to washing and general wear

The list could go on for a while because there are a plethora of reasons why a T-shirt would be considered “vintage used”. This is why I make sure and outline each individual issue with each vintage item in the “Full Disclosure” statement at the beginning of each item description.


Simply put: these tees have been well-loved. While “vintage-used” tees may have a singular problem here or there, wasted tees are, well… pretty much ruined. There’s not one or two small issues. The whole tee is an issue. Like the Bulls tee below, it’s stretched, ripped, stained and worn down like your mom.


Click image to see in store


This is also called “beautifully wasted”

While it may seem silly to you that someone may want to wear a wasted T-shirt, be aware that fashion icons like Kanye West sell ruined clothes for thousands of dollars.


BRAND NEW: This designation is here for my non-vintage items. At times, I find new tees to put in the store. These are those that still have the tags attached. In other words, I know for sure these t-shirts are brand new.

Tag = Brand New

Tag = Brand New

Sometimes, there are brand new items with stains and issues and, as usual, those wold be outlined in the “Full Disclosure” statement at the beginning of each item description.

99% BRAND NEW: This is another designation for non-vintage t-shirts. This a shirt that I’m 99% certain is brand new but, for the sake of being truthful, I cannot say it is 100% brand new and never been worn. This shirt will not have the tags on it but will have all the telltale signs of being a brand new shirt. There are no stains, rips, tears, holes, interesting smells, sweat rings or pill balls present and the graphic (if there is one) is crisp (not cracked). The outside as well as the inside of the shirt are crisp and clean which leads me to believe it has never been worn or not worn more than once at the most:

No known flaws yet no tag = 99% Brand New

No known flaws yet no tag = 99% Brand New

(For a more in depth look on determining whether a t-shirt is 99% Brand New or not, please check out this article)

EXCELLENT USED CONDITION (EUC): This is the last designation for non-vintage t-shirts. This is a shirt that is undeniably pre-worn but not in bad condition at all. There may be a few small pill balls around the collar or the image/design on the shirt has wear from the drier or something similar. However, the overall integrity of the shirt is uncompromised. I will outline in my full disclosure of the shirt any discrepancies I see. With this rating, you can guarantee that people who see you wearing the t-shirt won’t be able to tell you’ve gotten this shirt second-handedly:


Small pill balls, minor cracking on logo or tag, other small known signs of wear = Excellent Used Condition

If you have any questions regarding these rating designations, feel free to email me at




6 thoughts on “Grading

  1. LOL on the Kanye dis. I agree 100%. However, if I come across any KW crap that’s worth anything, I’ll flip it. POS $$ spends just the same ☺


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