I thought I would take a whole page to link to some of my favorite suppliers, brands & websites because I have ulterior motives in hoping that one day they’ll be friends with me 🙂

***Vintage T-Shirt Sellers***

The Captains Vintage

WyCo Vintage


All Originals Vintage

Wax & Threads

For All To Envy

***Not Vintage T-Shirts But Still Cool***

Johnny Cupcakes

Design by Humans

Beloved Shirts 


***Just Good, Inspirational Folks***


Nasty Gal

3 thoughts on “Friends

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  3. Great info and really a fun read. You are happy in your line of work, better than a lot of people can say.
    I liked the story about the “concert T-shirt for his daughter”. I’m pretty sure he is the Chris from a TV show here in Florida. He is also in a job he loves.
    Between your t-shirt model and Assistant I don’t see how you get any work done…
    Best wishes from a Florida Granny.


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