How Thin Is Too Thin?

Before you go kicking me in the solar plexus because you think I’m some chauvinistic Cro-Magnon man who prefers wafer thin supermodels who dine on three Triscuits at suppertime, I want to remind you this is a website about vintage tees.



In the same way wrinkles on someones face show a well lived life, a tee that has survived its years and has become thin and threadbare would undoubtedly have stories to tell (if it had lips and a mouth and a brain and, well… all those things required to tell stories).


Threadbare. It’s… it’s… so beautiful! *heavy breathing*

Now, you can go out today and buy a brand new threadbare tee that has been MANUFACTURED to be threadbare. But that would be cheating. Companies can now create tees (much in the same way “retro” is a vintage reproduction) that look and feel like vintage threadbare tees. Basically, you’re getting a T-shirt that didn’t put in its dues to earn a true threadbare title.


30 years old is enough time for any T-shirt to earn its threadbare prefix (photo courtesy of my awesome Instagram account)

Luckily there is a place where you can find these authentic, paper-thin, threadbare vintage T-shirts on display and carefully outlined for public consumption.

“Where?” you ask.

Well, right here. (<—– shameless plug)

I directed you to my eBay store because I’m the only one (that I know of) to outline the “thinness” of every relevant shirt (“relevant” because not every vintage tee is thin or threadbare).

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 7.05.29 PM

See! I told you. (Click above image to see in store)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 7.28.54 PM

Click above image to see in store

I do this because I feel as though Joe Consumer wants to know every aspect of what they’re buying (see Barb The Model for more relevance on this topic). I’m in the business of customer satisfaction, why wouldn’t I want to take as many pictures as I can and have fun at the same time?

In my quest for true vintage T-shirts, I’ve run by many threadbare tees but feel as it is my duty as a vintage T-shirt blogger to show you the thinnest shirt I’ve ever run across:

Version 2

Can you see it? It’s almost invisible…

Hell, I could even see through it:

Version 4

This tee could double as a niqab

So, in closing, how thin is too thin?

The answer: It’s never too thin. Unless it’s invisible


Invisible T-shirt. Only 29.99 (plus $4 shipping)

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