The Idiots Guide To Online Vintage T-Shirt Browsing

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I really miss that old t-shirt I used to have. I wonder if there is a program or some sort of network I could use that connects to the world and I could see if someone else might have it and (if I’m really lucky) I could buy it from them?!

Well, I’m here to tell you such a place does exist! Hi, my name is Chris and I’m going to teach you how you can search for that Ocean Pacific t-shirt you’ve been so desperate to find since you left it at Nanny’s house in the summer of ’83.


My t-shirts love me.

Before throwing your hands in the air because you don’t know how or where to find this long-lost tee, simply go to the Holy Idea Tees eBay store. It is here where you can search though the obsessively categorized selections of hand-picked t-shirts I have so painstakingly organized to make your shopping experience seem as though you’re in a physical store browsing through a rack of old tees.

Image 3-9-16 at 5.10 PM

See! Right there where it say, “Categories“! That’s where you can find all my t-shirts separated into, you guessed it, categories.

“Well, what kinds of categories?” you might be asking.

Great question. Lets just pretend you really like Coke. You literally can’t live a day without getting a Big Gulp from 7-11 full of it.


Relax. Its DIET Coke.

It’s your love of Coke that’s driven you to the point of collecting Coke paraphernalia yet a really cool, vintage Coke t-shirt has evaded you.

Come to my store, scroll through the categories and click “VTG Company &/or Product Tees”

Image 3-9-16 at 7.43 PM

And then, in this case, a list of SUBcategories will show themselves:

Image 3-9-16 at 7.47 PM

Since Coke is a drink and not a radio station or candy, you’d click on “Drinks”. Now peruse your choices. I like the Max Headroom/Coke tee myself.

Image 3-9-16 at 7.57 PM

It’s that simple. Choose what you like! Remember Spuds MacKenzie? He’s under the “Breweriana” subcategory:

Image 3-10-16 at 8.49 AM

Lets see, I dunno… did you vacation in Santa Cruz as a kid? I have a vintage t-shirt for that too under the “VTG Destination & Souvenir Tees” category:

Image 3-10-16 at 9.09 AM

Whatever your vintage t-shirt of interest is, there’s a good chance I may have it or something similar to it. Look through the categories, see if you can find something you like. If I don’t have what you need, you can always ask me to keep and eye out for you.

Now you know you can come to the Holy Idea Tees eBay store through the magic of the internet without ever having to leave the house or put on any pants to peruse through (currently) 1500 vintage t-shirts. However, I would be an idiot to think 1500 vintage t-shirts covers the entire spectrum of what’s out there and what people are looking for. This is why I have my “Friends” page. These guys are in the vintage t-shirt business like myself. Hit up their sites (after you’ve exhausted mine of course) and see if they have what you’re looking for.

That’s it. You’ve now completed the Idiots Guide to Online Vintage T-Shirt Browsing! Now go use the gifts I’ve so graciously bestowed upon you to find that t-shirt that’ll sweep you up in nostalgia. 🙂




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