A Post With Lots Of Links

Glad to see you made it to my blog. If you’re reading this, you were probably directed here via one of my eBay listings or a link I put on my Facebook page or maybe you just found this blog because you were interested in vintage t-shirts. Whatever the case may be, this post is here to tell you that I’m not blogging regularly. The intention is certainly there but the time is not. I created this blog to talk about certain unique finds, tricks of the trade as well as being a central area to talk about how my business works and the specific guidelines I follow to be the best in this small little industry I forced myself into several years ago. It is here on this blog where I want to let me creative juices explode all over it’s pages but, as I said earlier, time is of the essence when starting a business. When you’re only one man, time needs to be spent in these formative moments where the rubber hits the road i.e. making THE MONEY or making MAMA HAPPY! If either one of those things is suffering, then all of this would not be possible.

So, if you’d like to follow me here, please know that it’s not updated regularly at the moment but I would strongly encourage you to follow my Facebook page where I do most of my updating for the time being. I know you don’t want to miss out on new and coveted vintage t-shirts like this 1981 Rolling Stones tee:

Click photo to view listing

Click photo to view listing

Or this vintage 1990 Ice Cube “Dead Homiez” Hip-Hop tee:

Click photo to view listing

Click photo to view listing

Or this unique vintage t-shirt of people with butts for heads playing craps:

Click photo to view listing

Click photo to view listing

Or any number of the hundreds of t-shirts I currently have available (both vintage and new). So, add me to your favorites on eBay or Facebook as those are my main sources of communication with the outside world and where you’ll find the latest updates on blog posts. There are many great works in store for this blog so I don’t want you to go too far 🙂

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