Looking For A Discontinued, Rare Or Long Forgotten T-Shirt? Then I Can Help!

While I’m out there pounding the sidewalk looking for good items to support my obsession with the next latest and greatest vintage t-shirt keep in mind that I see a TON of t-shirts! I’m serious. Like, this many:


Out of all these, only a few can be chosen. These chosen few are those that are worth my time posting on eBay. Using my Rain Man-ish powers of memory, I remember instantaneously how well similar t-shirts like this have sold in the past which in turn affects my decision to (more than likely) buy the shirt.

Now, there are instances where I run across shirts whose similarities mirror items that haven’t sold so well in the past. T-shirts like this:


I wouldn’t buy this t-shirt for any reason. However, if you hit me up on my Facebook page, Instagram or email (holyideatees@cox.net) with a short comment like, “Hey Chris, if you ever see a t-shirt of Bert and Ernie promoting afros could you please pick it up for me?” then I would 100% get it for you.

Seriously dude. No problem.

*Fist Bump*




9 thoughts on “Looking For A Discontinued, Rare Or Long Forgotten T-Shirt? Then I Can Help!

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  3. Ive been looking for a specific vintage harley shirt for years. Im looking to get a better quality version of a shirt that was my fathers that really means alot to me. I want to put this one in a frame and still be able to wear it essentially. I have pictures. Id pay alot to have it. Seriously.

    The front is an eagle fighting a dragon. The back says “Rocky Mountains 1979 – 1989”


  4. It’s not super old or rare or cool or anything but accidentally ripped/stretched the collar out of my fiance’s favourite t shirt and I am trying to replace it. Looking for an Old Navy boy’s graphic tee, size XL RN-54023, greyish color with graphics on it and the words “CAN’T STOP THE ROCK!” in red letters (link to picture is in website field of this message). If you ever come across it or can tell me how to order it (I’ve tried looking everywhere online), I’ll pay whatever for it plus shipping.

    Thank you.


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