Full Disclosure

I feature my own words at the beginning of each description in eBay. These are italicized and can be read before any of the generic blather that must follow regarding returns, payment terms, sizing, etc. that are part of a “cut & paste” code I use to make the data entry process of all these t-shirts much faster. Generic blather shown right below:

Generic cut & paste blather...

Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda

So, before all that cut & paste yellow tape and “stuff I have to say to protect myself” I will fully disclose the thoughts I have on the item. For example, an item like this:

Click the photo if you're interested in the t-shirt :)

Click if you’re interested in the t-shirt! 🙂

Would have full disclosure as such:

If this t-shirt could talk i’m sure it would tell some interesting stories. The Odyssey1 was a Hollywood night club in the 70s and 80s until it burnt down in 1985. It was also run by a renown criminal Eddie Nash who was known for his role in the Wonderland Murders. I won’t go into it all, but you can check it out on wikipedia. Interesting stuff. Anyway, this t-shirt is incredibly (paper) thin and super soft and comfortable. There are holes throughout but nothing major. These issues are outlined in the final four photos with some help by my assistant Barb. This is a really nice eclectic piece guaranteed to start some stories. 

Or for a slightly offensive vintage t-shirt like this:

Click if you're interested in the t-shirt!

Click if you’re interested in the t-shirt! 🙂

I would discourse as such:

Catchy slogan. However, don’t wear this on a first date or to meet your girlfriends parents for the first time. There is some slight yellowing on the front of the t-shirt (see final picture) but it is so light it is hard to illustrate in a photo and, quite honestly, don’t know if you or anyone will ever be able to see it. 

Aaaannnd for the sake of making this completely clear, here’s one more example:

Click if you're interested in the t-shrt! :)

Click if you’re interested in the t-shrt! 🙂

Full disclosure in the eBay listing for this item says:

Awesome vintage, sleeveless tee with a 1983 timestamp. This tee is in EXCELLENT shape but does have some small signs of wear. Aside from some pill ball buildup there is a small stain on the front upper/right and the back lower/left are as indicated by my assistant Barb in the final two photos. This is listed as a medium but it is pretty small so please check the measurements to ensure a fit. 

I’ve found many other eBay stores don’t give enough information on the quality of their stuff. I want to make sure there that I make it abundantly clear that no stone is left unturned and that you’re getting EXACTLY what you want.

Sound good?

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