Holy Idea Tees Nation

Have you ever been somewhere that had an American map on the wall showcasing with pushpins all the places people came from to get there? I’ve always been fascinated by all the people that converge on one spot. So, when I started my own eBay business I wanted to see where all my packages would be going because I’m a visual person. What I’ve come up with so far is this:


I find very creative ways to feed my OCD these days…

This map really doesn’t prove much else to me other than there are a shit-load of people on the planet and, quite frankly, it’s just fun to see where everything goes. Packages from Holy Idea Tees have almost made it to the five corners of the United States. Where are the five corners? I’m glad you asked:


… the Florida Keys…


…the Oregon coast…


… the tip of Southern California (haven’t quite made it to San Diego yet)…


…Brownsville, Texas, USA…


… and anywhere in Maine really. I still lack a pushpin in Maine. I’m assuming because no one has computers there. With that being said, if anyone knows any giants who live in Maine, then maybe they could use this shirt.

Also, don’t live in Maine. There are scary people living in the woods.

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