Michael Jordan: The Irreplaceable King of Pop

Without a doubt, Michael Jordan was the king of pop.


I mean, who else has that many pop music championship rings?

Even when he was with the Jordan Five I remember thinking, “That kid is going somewhere.” He was so young but he sang like a well traveled professional.


I found this t-shirt a while back and sold it for pennies which sucked but taking the trip down memory lane was worth the purchase. It revived the memory of when Michael Jordan did the moonwalk or when he set his hair on fire during that Pepsi commercial. Do you remember when he dangled that baby of the 4th story balcony or when his nose fell off? What about when he resorted to cannibalism? Do you remember that?


Michael Jordan shortly before eating one of his own children

What’s funny is that amongst all of his hijinks, I never knew Michael Jordan even played basketball! A quick Google search I did says he won many NBA championships and was the MVP of the league several times.

What a multitalented individual! If only we could all be so talented.

This t-shirt sold for 99 cents in my eBay store.

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