Believe It Or Not, Jesus actually IS My Homeboy


Maybe you’ve heard of this guy Jesus.

I hear he was kind of a badass.

By modern day standards you probably couldn’t pass Jesus off as a “badass” because he’s not an MMA fighter or an action movie star or a big game hunter or even one of Justin Bieber’s tattoo artists.

But back in the day, there was no one more dangerous than this guy. He challenged the system that was in place all those many years ago and faced it with hope, love and grace.

You see, it’s easy to hate people.

It’s easy to look the other way when someone is in trouble.

It’s easy to ignore wrongdoings and live within the confines of your own paradigm and only worry about yourself.

Jesus was a badass because he cared about others and he left a legacy that continues on with increasing reverence from followers to this day.

Amidst posts about t-shirts and life, I talk with God on a semi-professional level. We’ve known each other for years. I communicate through thoughts and prayers and He communicates to me through signs and my annoying little conscience. It was during one of these thoughts that I happened across this Jesus Is My Homeboy t-shirt. Almost as if on cue, while I debated the validity of my little business, I came across this shirt and felt a sense of calm upon seeing it because, well… Jesus IS my homeboy.


My wife was still hot 10 years ago. I looked like an asparagus with glasses.

I run this little makeshift business with tweets, blog and Facebook posts and eBay listings to ultimately make money and create a readership on my blog but I do have other ideas. I plan on tithing a percentage of my profits to charities and maybe one day having my own t-shirt line with a subtle religious undertone.

You see, there’s more to this than money and world t-shirt domination. There is a hope and a prayer that one day I can look back and see that something that started off as innocuous as t-shirts turned into something much bigger than myself.

I think that’s pretty badass.

Just like someone else I heard about.

This shirt is available in my eBay store

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