Is That A Lot?


I bought this t-shirt with the intention of selling it but wound up keeping it because it reminded me of one of my fondest childhood memories that come from playing Monopoly with my older brother. Even today, the 12 year ago difference doesn’t stop the memories that we cultivate when we get together. I’ll look back on all these moments fondly. He’s a good brother like that.


When I was around six or seven years old I loved to play Monopoly. While I might not have known how to count money when I was six, I did know that my brother’s attention would be held for a little more than five minutes because a full game of Monopoly takes no less that 5 years.

It didn’t matter, whenever I had to pay money or was getting paid in Monopoly, I would follow up the directive with this question: “Is that a lot?”

It’s a phrase that probably haunts my brother in his sleep today. There wasn’t a turn that went by where I didn’t ask the phrase.

Matt: Okay Christopher, you landed on Vermont Avenue. It’s $100. Do you want to buy it?

Me: Is that a lot?

Matt: For Monopoly… no.


Matt: Ooh Christopher, too bad, you landed on Tennessee Avenue. That’s one of my properties. You owe me $14.

Me: Is that a lot?

Matt: Fourteen is one $10 bill and four dollar bills.

Me: Is that a lot?

Matt: No.


Matt: (Reading my “Community Chest” card) Oh Christopher! It says “Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.”

Me: Is $200 a lot?

Matt: Well, it’s a lot of real money. Not Monopoly money.

Me: Can you count it for me?

Matt: Christopher, you’re going to have to learn this eventually I can’t count for you when you’re 80 years old.

Me: Is that a lot?

Matt: *sigh*

Basically, my brother played both sides of the board as I had an utter lack of understanding that 200 was more than 100 or that 4 was less than 400.

I can remember one time out of probably 100 times that he turned me down at my request to play a game of Monopoly. It was our time to spend together and it is something I’ll always remember.

What is your favorite board game?

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