Holy Idea Tees Selects Owner Of Holy Idea Tees

What do you see here? A mess right? There is no flash. No spunk. Nothing interesting.

(Disclaimer CEO Note 10/9/2014This post was written on March 15 of the year 2014. Please take into account the business was a fledgling business with nothing more than a hope and a prayer that I could do something like sell t-shirts on eBay for a living. Also, I keep it here for integrity purposes. Perhaps one day I will be dining with Donald Trump over t-shirt ideas and sipping on 200 year old bottles of champagne and will be able to have this to prove I can see the future.

(Disclaimer CEO Note 7/4/2026: Donald say’s “What’s up Old Chris!” Oh man we are so drunk. Later Old Me.

What you’re looking at is the bare bones beginning of a journey. Right now, I’m just a used T-shirt salesman with a shitty website and a dream.

But soon, I’ll be the T-Shirt President of the United States of America. In the future, if anyone wants to get a T-shirt, then they’ll have to come through me first. At least that’s the formal plan. I may wind up in a ditch with nothing but my T-shirts to keep me company but I try not to go there.

“How are you going to do this?” You may be asking yourself.

I began selling T-shirts I’d bought at local thrift stores about six months ago. What started as an experiment quickly became a way to make extra cash. I thoroughly enjoy the hunt. Perusing through tattered and stained T-shirts to find brand new, name brand, vintage or used (yet wildly popular) T-shirts that will sell on eBay. Unbelievably, this is a completely viable way to make money.

So why not have fun with it?

I’ve always been a lover of T-shirts.  I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the creative process that goes behind them. Maybe it’s the fact that I could live my whole life and never see all the T-Shirts that exist. Maybe I’m a “Sk8ter Boi” at heart and desire to wear nothing but Hurley and Billabong shirts. I don’t know what it is but I like them.

As I began delving into the world of T-shirts, I pondered, “If this shirt could talk, what could it tell me?” I will never know why people give away brand new T-shirts.  I will never know why a person will part with a New Kids On The Block T-Shirt that was printed in 1990 (how many shirts do you have from the 90’s?). I will never be able to relay to you the stories that a shirt can tell.

But I can try.

I’m a frustrated blogger. And a frustrated actor. And a frustrated writer. And a frustrated human being really. I desire nothing more than to make my mark in this world.

“How can you make your mark by selling T-shirts someone else gave to the thrift store?” says you: the eternal pesimist.

Well, you’re just going to have to stay tuned to find out. Regardless of whether I succeed or not, I’m determined to have a good time doing it.

Stay tuned.

And in the meantime, check out my cool T-Shirts.

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